Reseller Gets Robbed and Left with a Destroyed Storage Unit in ATL

Ray P

reseller robbed in ATL

Atlanta has been a hub for smash and dash robberies as of late. The most recent victim of such a crime is a well known reseller in the sneaker community known as @23Penny.

Just moments ago, a photo of the ransacked storage unit was posted on Instagram with the following caption:

Just got ransacked for a good chunk of out inventory, police report and warrants are out, please keep an eye out for anyone in the Atlanta GA area selling shoes/bulk for the low, thanks and our site is still up and running, some orders are going to be refunded; we will be back to normal in a few weeks. Thank you for your support.

As the business behind the secondary market in Sneakers continues to be put in the mainstream spotlight, sneakerheads are being forced to take extra preventative measures for security. Luckily, @23Penny was not at the storage unit when it was robbed. We're hoping the thieves get caught and items be returned.

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