Reseller Gets Robbed While Trying to Flex $10,000 Worth of Air Jordan 12 Masters

This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.

Ray P

Dudes in the shoe game have been taking some serious L’s in 2016. Well here’s another one.

Hype for the Air Jordan 12 Master was equally surprising and ridiculous last Saturday. So much so, that resellers couldn’t help but to flex how many pairs they were able to finesse.

Featured in the video above, a reseller has a trunk full of Master 12’s. Supposedly $10,000 worth. He couldn’t help but to stunt on the internet as video was rolling.

Little did he know, some folks were already scheming.

While talking jibberish to the camera, a couple of guys snuck away with several pairs of Jordans. There were so many guys at the truck of the car, the reseller turns around to make sure no one stole his shoes. The cameraman acknowledges that his stacks look a little short.

You can hear a car speed off toward the end of the video confirming the juug.

Moral of the story: Savages gon’ savage.