Rihanna Wifes Travis Scott in New Puma Suede Creeper Photoshoot

Ray P

Shout out to all my Boss B*^#hes wifin’ dudes, forreals!

In an effort to introduce Mens sizing to her Puma collaboration, Rihanna tosses Travis Scott’s Yeezy Boosts away and laces her boo with her own swag.

I guess you gotta wear Creepers to keep her.

Shooooot… honestly, I’d rock Rihanna Puma Suede Creepers everyday if I was dating shorty. Word! On some, “you need me to Jason Markk these for you before we leave the crib today, ma?”

Anyways, three new colorways of Rihanna’s Puma Suede Creepers drop tonight at Midnight on Puma.com. Stay tuned to @TheShoeGame on Twitter for up to the minute releases.