Rihanna Won't Be Happy When She See's These Horrible Puma Creeper Knockoffs

Ray P

rihanna puma creeper knockoffs

It was bound to go down. Rihanna's Puma Creepers have been one of the hottest sneakers of 2016 and with anything that popular, the horrible knockoffs are inevitable. In this case they're so bad, they're hilarious. RiRi's Navy might be on full attack mode after checking these out.

I'm pretty surprised this high fashion take on Heelys wasn't created by Steven Madden nor Aldo. They are known for dropping bricks, but this time it was a women's store called EVER located at the Boulevard mall in Las Vegas.

Four colorways are available and if we're being honest here, Puma needs to drop the official Rihanna's in the Metallic Gold and Silver. Those would fly off the shelves, ha!

Remember to say NO to fakes!