Riot Breaks Out in Texas Over "Legend Blue" & "Gift of Flight" Air Jordans


Texas riot over legend blue air jordan 11

"They so professional, they not gon' come out no more"

Houston sneakerheads obviously love their Air Jordans. I mean who doesn't? Over 600 people camped out at the Willowbrook Mall of Northwest Houston, Texas to get tickets for the Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue" and "Ultimate Gift of Flight" Pack. Though the mall tried to set up a barricade to maintain order, people still tried to push through, with chaos ensuing.

Though there were people trying to break into the mall by throwing rocks at the windows and shattering the Mall's glass doors no one was arrested. Retailers still decided to give out tickets given the situation.

The Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue" drops this Saturday, December 20 for $200 and the Ultimate Gift of Flight Pack will hit stores next Tuesday, December 23 for $500.

Stick with TSG as we keep giving you a look inside the events leading up to the release of the holiday Air Jordans.

Source: ABC

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