RISE Puma Blaze of Glory NYIFL Proceeds Go Toward Foundation for AIDS Research

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The RISE Puma Blaze of Glory NYIFL release date is December 1st, 2015. This also coincides with World AIDS Day.

Some collabs have made up phony marketing stories, then you have real ones like this. Chase Peso, Co-Founder of RISE lost his Father due to the battle with HIV/AIDS.

While most brands were hesitant to tell the story, Puma embraced it.

Together RISE and PUMA will make a charitable donation of $15,000 to amfAR, an organization that champions HIV/AIDS research.

The acronym NYIFL stands for New York Is For Lovers.

“Science has changed since 1994, when my Father had passed of AIDS. We all knew, he knew, that sharing needles was going to put him at risk. That risk was realized and my family lost him. I lost him. And it was entirely avoidable. This pathway doesn’t have to be walked by anyone else, not anymore. “New York is for Lovers” is our attempt to create awareness, and inspire those who are living with it every day. ”
— Chase Peso, Co-Founder of RISE

A combination of alarming red leather, suede, and mesh are featured across the uppers. Special duebrés will lay across the front of the shoes. In anticipation for the release, grab a detailed look at the sneakers below.

Will you be copping the RISE Puma Blaze of Glory NYIFL?

RISE Puma Blaze of Glory NYIFL
RISE Puma Blaze of Glory NYIFL
RISE Puma Blaze of Glory NYIFL

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