Rising Internet Crime Results in Police Offering Solution for Meet-ups

Ray P

police offer solution for internet crimes
Image via Kixfair

Crime within the sneaker community has been getting increasingly worse over the last decade due to new platforms on the internet connecting more people who buy, sell, and trade.

The most popular place on the internet for meeting potential buyers in your local area who are interested in kicks is Facebook. With some Facebook sneaker groups such as Vegas Sneaker Heads amassing over 20,000 members, there's no need to go through the hassle of posting on eBay, monitoring your auction, handling Paypal, and then shipping when you can easily just arrange a face to face meeting. Unfortunately, not everyone has good intentions. Some take advantage of being able to create fake Facebook profiles that help lure sneakerheads into getting robbed. We're all way too familiar with these stories.

In 2014, TSG published an article detailing New York Law Enforcement's first public address of crimes that begin with transactions on Facebook for sneakers. The message then was an invitation to handle any cash transactions inside of your nearest Precinct because people with ill intentions would decline the meetup.

Here we are not even a full year later and Law Enforcement is speaking up again, this time in Las Vegas:

Now, after an uptick in these internet-related crimes, North Las Vegas police are hoping people will choose to do business in their parking lots, either at North Las Vegas Boulevard and Owens Avenue or at Washburn Road, near Simmons Street.

"We have police officers coming and going throughout our parking lots all hours, day and night. They come in and out of the gates on a regular basis. Anytime a criminal is looking to conduct his type of business, they want to avoid any police action or anything like that,” said North Las Vegas Officer Steven Wiese.

While tension between Police and civilians in America is pretty high right now, we would still recommend meeting at a parking lot attached to a Precinct as a deterrent, than relying on Wal-Mart security to help after being robbed.

Source: FOX5Vegas