Saucony G9 Shadow 6 "Mint Chocolate Chip" Release Date

Ray P

suacony g9 shadow 6 scoops pistachio-2

When the weather gets warm, you indulge.

Saucony is at their best when mixing buttery suede with fresh and simple colorways. After delivering freshly picked berries, now it's time for serving of some good ice cream. Meet the Saucony G6 Shadow 9 "Mint Chocolate Chip" which is one half of the Scoops pack to be releasing this Spring.Gum bottoms really set the shoe off along with the really cool themed graphic on the insoles. Stick with TSG as we'll give you a reminder when the "Mint Chocolate Chip" Saucony G6 Shadow 9 drops. Until then you can get more information here.

suacony g9 shadow 6 scoops pistachio-1