Scenes from Around the World of Sneakerheads Camping for adidas NMD

Ray P

adidas nmd campout in shanghai-1

Some things you just can't believe until you see it. Sneakerheads camping for adidas NMD all over the world is amazing.

This had nothing to do with Kanye and most of the colorways dropping were general releases. For adidas to achieve campouts of this nature without a co-sign is a major deal. The impact of BOOST technology is really being felt and for good reason.

Massive lines were spotted throughout social media in Bangkok, Shanghai, NYC, and Europe. Consider March 17th NMD Day! Take a look around the world below.

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 Sneakerheads Camping for adidas NMD


adidas nmd campout in shanghai-1


adidas nmd campout in europe


adidas nmd campout in bangkok


adidas nmd campout in nyc

adidas nmd release line on wooster st

— Four Pins (@Four_Pins) March 17, 2016