Season 3 Yeezy Boost Fakes Already Hitting the Market

Ray P

Season 3 Yeezy Boost Fakes
IMAGE: @YeezyBusta

The hype is so real for Kanye West's adidas sneakers. Season 3 Yeezy Boost fakes already hit the market. Meanwhile, the real versions won't drop until Fall 2016.

Companies who sell Yeezy Boost fakes are flourishing. People want the look so bad, they don't care about wearing the cheap versions because paying over $1,000 is simply out of the question for most.

Kanye West was recently spotted wearing the all black Yeezy Boost with white stripe going across the upper. It didn't take factories long at all to produce variants. Be careful out there, it's an ugly game!

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Season 3 Yeezy Boost Fakes