SEGA Inspired Gucci Rhyton Sneaker


GUUUUCI. It doesn't sound as cool as SEGA, but it works.

SEGA Inspired Gucci Rhyton Sneaker

Guess who's having a great year? SEGA, that's who. Puma dropped an official collaboration with SEGA this year and luxury fashion house Gucci was inspired by the 90s gaming system's classic font.

Gucci's Creative Director Alessandro Michelle took inspiration from the font and flipped it with Gucci. The SEGA Gucci font graces the all-new Gucci Rhython sneaker.

I think the font flip works but not sure the execution of this is the best look. This works on Gucci clothing for sure and it could still work on a sneaker, but with better placement and a different colorway.

That's my two cents. But if you like what you see, you can own a pair for $885 USD on Gucci's online store.


SEGA Inspired Gucci Rhyton Sneaker

Photo: supreme leaks news