Sell Shoes, Not Drugs: $35,000 Worth of DS Sneakers Seized During Search Warrant

Ray P

35k in sneakers seized from criminal

Everyday is sadderday for someone in this cold world. Derek Gomez, considered a mid-level drug dealer by the Police, found himself in some serious trouble yesterday.

After Authorities acquired a search warrant, over $2,000 in prescription pills were found and seized from the drug dealer's home. Upon further investigation, Cops also found 168 pairs of 'new in the box' sneakers in a trailer attached to the house said to be valued at about $35,000 as well as $5,333 in cash.

Lieutenant Frank Archer of the Mansfield Police says how Gomez is alleged to have gotten the sneakers remains under investigation. Derek Gomez faces a few charges, but worst of all his entire sneaker collection is gone! Expect a possible auction on a lot of DS sneakers in Mansfield, Mass. if the shoes were acquired with the drug money.

Moral of the story: Sell shoes, not drugs. It's not illegal and the profit is a lot better.

Source: Sun Chronicle