Shaq's Son Is A 6'8 HS Freshman & Already Looking Better Than Pops

Ray P

shareef oneal shaq son

Shaq was a scarey sight in both College and the NBA, but his son has the potential to be a nightmare.

Standing 6'8 as a High School Freshman (yes, a 9th grader), Shareef O'Neal has his Dad's height and ten times more athleticism. His ball handling skills are ridiculous, which is surprising because Shaq wasn't known for his shake & bake moves. Is generation 'athletic big men' approaching in five years or so? If Shareef O'Neal is any indication, the NBA should be extremely fun when I'm 35... damn I feel too old now.

Editor's note: Chances are extremely high that Nike has some chart in their office on how they'll try to acquire O'Neal.

Watch these highlights from Shaq's Freshman 6'8 son below: