Shoe In Your Collection No One Has?


I actually got the job 2 years later.

Back in 2013 is when I found a love for brands outside of Air Jordan and Nike. There was this sneaker store where I’m from called “Kick Theory”, they weren’t your regular Footlocker or Finishline. They started off only selling brands like Saucony, Reebok, New Balance and a lot of other brands that used to be slept on.

My friend who actually helped me get into the sneaker game was working at the store at the time. I knew to work there I had to have more than just Jordans.

One morning I woke up and saw the Sneakersnstuff x Reebok Pump Fury ”Popsicle”. I never even heard of Sneakersnstuff at the time, but I was familiar with the Pump Fury. There is no Sneakersnstuff store near me so I knew that I would be the only person with these, so I bought them.

Til this day I still have these shoes, I never thought it would be so hard to find clothes to wear with these other than a white tee. This is probably one of the shoes I have that I feel like very few people have in their collection.

What sneaker do you have that you think no one else has?

Photos: Sneakersnstuff