Shrine Creates A Weekender Duffle That Makes Packing Sneakers Easy

Ray P

Shrine weekender duffle-1

For the traveling sneakerhead.

Shrine who originally brought forth the Sneaker backpack designed a new duffle for those who like to travel in style. Featuring pockets for your Passport, mobile devices, and books on the outside, as well as two outer compartments on each end that unzip where you can store your sneakers. Simple enough right? Unzip, pack your kicks and go. If you're interested in the Shrine Weekender Duffle find a local retailer that will carry these in the near future. The duffle is scheduled to hit Shrine's home store on July 25th, so expect retailers to probably receive their shipment in August.

What are your thoughts on the Shrine Weekender Duffle? Let us know in the comments below.

Shrine weekender duffle
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