Sneakerhead Tells Thieves To Shoot Him Instead Of Handing Over Sneakers

Ray P

Say it ain't so!

sneakerhead willing to be shot over concord air jordan 11s

This isn't just any ordinary attempted burglary over some sneakers. In this case the victim's actions were a lot more shocking than the thieves.

A local Georgia - Gwinnett county teenager arranged to trade his Air Jordan 11 "Concords" through a Facebook Sneaker Group to a fellow sneakerhead. The meeting place was set a local iHOP at around 4PM in the afternoon.

A van pulled up and the suspect handed the victim one shoe to try on after being given the Concord 11s. As soon as the victim could look up, another man stepped out of the van and pulled out a gun to demand the sneaker back.

And in shocking fashion the victim proceeded to say, "No, you’ll have to shoot me."

The victim then got up and headed inside of IHOP to call his Mother. While on the phone, three men entered after him while concealing the gun under a shirt demanding all of the victim's money as well as the sneaker back.

After letting the three men know he had no money on him, the victim threw the shoes at them and the suspects took off running. This case is currently under investigation and the suspects are still at large. If you have any information, don't hesitate to inform your local authorities.

Moral of this story:

  1. Even during broad daylight in a good meetup spot no one is safe.
  2. Don't dare someone to shoot you because no one is immortal.
  3. Sneakers won't ever be worth your life, especially some damn retro Jordans!

Source: PATCH