Sneakerheads are Doing a Genius Custom to Make Nike Air Max 1 Safari's Look Better

Ray P

nike air max 1 safari custom-1
Image: @Soldout777

Seems like sneakerheads share the same sentiments as TSG on the Atmos Nike Air Max 1 Safari retro, "get that shaggy suede the F out of here!"

The OGs featured a canvas toebox and for some strange reason Nike decided to switch up the material. Sneakerheads have been dying for a retro, so even if Nike didn't get it right they still copped. A few decided to fix the problem on their own terms.

Simply by taking a pair of sharp nose hair scissors, Sneakerheads are successfully shaving down the shaggy suede of Atmos AM1's to bring them closer to the OG look as possible. And it looks really dope!

UNDFTD LV Manager @LordBennyBossGod insists this custom is relatively easy to achieve as long as you take your time. After you're done, you'll be quite pleased with the results.

If you're looking for that OG feel, go ahead and do your thing!

Would you do this custom to your Atmos Nike Air Max 1 Safari's? Comment your thoughts below.