Sneakerheads Camped Two Weeks Only to Find Out adidas Confirms No Yeezys Dropping

Ray P

kanye west campout

Sneakerheads are no longer conflicted, Bro. adidas officially confirms there is no Yeezy Boost release in the month of March.

Sneakerheads caught national attention recently when they setup two week long campout in hopes to cop Yeezys at Shoe Palace. Several News Stations as well as Jimmy Kimmel went on to sensationalize these folks waiting 10+ days.

Congratulations, you played yourselves.

This is a prime example of why you should always wait until the brand confirms releases. Rumors are just speculation and releases can change at any moment at the Brand's discretion.

Someone pull out Photoshop and get to work on the MJ cry memes because all those sneakerheads took L's. Adidas just tweeted the confirmation of no Yeezy Boosts in March.

Pack it up, go home, and stop camping! Stay tuned for more updates here on TSG.