Sneakerheads Rushing For Yeezys Video Is Fake and Corny

Ray P

Sneakerheads rushing for Yeezys doesn't seem like a far fetched concept.

Yeezy madness is so bad, it's the kind of behavior we expect from sneakerheads in 2015. Unfortunately, the thirst is realer than expected. Not on behalf of sneakerheads, but on behalf of the shops looking for publicity.

Swtizerland based shop Titolo created a brand new YouTube account to publish a carefully filmed video depicting sneakerheads 'wildly' running to purchasing the Moonrock adidas Yeezy Boost 350.

Even Stevie Wonder can see how scripted and fake this crap is. Not even a t-shirt was touched in the so-called rush.

Any shop would be delighted to have a mob ransack their store like Balmain x H&M shoppers did a few weeks ago. Why? Because madness goes viral. Outside of your store getting trashed, it results in crazy amounts of hype and publicity for all brands involved.

Titolo succeeded in getting a few blogs to publish the staged madness. They aren't fooling anyone here, though.

Purposely setting up your paying customers to be degraded throughout the Internet for the sake of extra followers and mentions is cool nowadays I guess?

Titolo does a great job with their business on many levels from great product photos to the great amount of diverse inventory they carry. But this type of fake madness can't be over looked. Stick to doing great work and don't succumb to the BS hype.

This ain't a diss song, it's a real song - HOV.

Sneakerheads Rushing For Yeezys