Sneakerheads Will Be Going BROKE On June 20th

Ray P

Setting aside money to fund your sneaker habit used to be an easy thing to do. Maybe you'd put away $150 for a pair or even $300 if you wanted to double up, then check the blogs to see what sneakers you'd wanted to save up for a few months later. At least you had a decent amount of time in between "must cop" releases to make sure you took care of your responsibilities as well as your addictive hobby.

jordan crying meme sneakerhead

Sadly, those days are over and on June 20th it seems as if sneaker releases will reach their peak.

Nike & Jordan Brand are releasing $1,470 (before taxes) worth of "must cop" sneakers in a couple weeks. Here's a list of what's dropping on June 20th, 2015.

  1. Air Jordan 1 "Pinnacle" - $400
  2. Air Jordan 7 Cigar - $250
  3. Air Jordan 7 Champagne - $250
  4. Air Jordan 11 Low "Citrus" - $120
  5. Nike "What The" KD 7 - $200
  6. Nike Air Foamposite "Gone Fishing" - $250

Once you narrow down what sneakers you have enough money for, then there's the issue of actually securing your pair which is a whole other level of struggle. With Nike canceling it's Air Jordan releases online lately, the hustle to cop grew from damn near impossible to f***ing impossible.

I predict three things happening in the sneaker world on June 20th... First, every sneaker Nike & Jordan Brand release will completely sell out. Second, many sneakerheads go broke and will be evicted from their homes or Mom's basement. Third, resellers will be stuck with a lot of inventory because no one has money to buy anything.

Good luck to all you Pair Lords on June 20th! I'm not sure how folks get all this money to spend on sneakers, but I want to be like ya'll when I grow up.

Are you copping any releases on June 20th? If so, let us know which ones and how you're preparing for the big weekend. Share your thoughts, opinions, and rants in the comments below.

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