Sneakers People Are Wearing In Barcelona


I'm always people watching and my latest creep session took place in Barcelona, Spain.

Sneakers People Are Wearing In Barcelona

If you follow my personal IG/Twitter (@GRocSmith) you know that I was recently on vacation in Barcelona, Spain.

No matter where I'm at, I'm always people watching. It's my thing. So far I've published articles for Milan, Italy & Bern, Switzerland and now Barcelona is added to the ongoing list of cities.

I didn't know what to expect in Spain. Well, that's not entirely true because at this point Yeezys are everywhere. In fact, it should come as no surprise that Yeezys are what I see being worn the most by the fashion woke crowd.

I'm not sure what adidas plans are but they definitely should mass produce the Yeezy 350. The 350 could easily become the modern day Stan Smith or Superstar. I'm not even joking - there's so much money waiting to be made surrounding Yeezy 350 mass production.

As I was saying, with the exception of Yeezys, I didn't know what to expect. Of course I didn't take photos of every sneaker I saw, but I focused on more relevant releases and pairs I don't see being worn often. In my opinion, the young lady in the Fila fit was the most refreshing and I had to make sure I took a decent picture of her.

Take a look at some of the fits I saw in Barcelona.

Which fit/shoe game is your favorite?

Sneakers People Are Wearing In Barcelona