Sneakers People Are Wearing In Bern, Switzerland


Let's take a look at sneakers being worn in Bern, Switzerland.

Sneakers People Are Wearing Bern, Switzerland...

I took my creep talents to Bern, Switzerland last week to visit Titolo sneaker shop and to people watch. I've been doing this thing for a good minute and I'm glad I finally turned this into content I can share with y'all.

This is only my second column, but I've learned a lot regarding the art of being a creep. Milan was much easier to capture because the area where I was posted had a strip that was poppin' nonstop.

However, Bern was not the same experience because I was in the midst of mostly locals walking around an extremely busy shopping district. I know that sounds perfect, but people were everywhere.

I spent more time trying to find the "right spot" to creep, so I just walked around and took photos whenever I could without being obvious. Honestly, Bern was much more challenging than Milan.

The goal is to always highlight a nice variety of what I see, and I saw a little bit of everything. I didn't see as many high fashion brands like I did in Milan, but I don't think that's shocking considering Italy's love for fashion.

Per usual, I saw a gang of Chuck, Old Skools, and Stan Smiths... but I saw a bunch of other stuff too. Take a look at some of the sneakers people are wearing in Bern and share your thoughts in the comments.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Do you see any sneakers you need?

Sneakers People Are Wearing Bern, Switzerland

They were looking at my shoes. Note to self: don't bring attention to yourself while being a creep.

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