So I Was At The Outlet Right...

Ray P

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This is a true story!

By now you should all know we live in the outlet and report our finds once every two weeks in the Nike Outlet Alert. One of our readers gave us the heads up on Twitter about "Carmine" Air Jordan 6 GS being available, so while grabbing lunch I decided to stop into my local outlet and see if there was any left.

Of course, they were gone by the time I got there. You win some, you lose some right?

Being the sneaker hunter that I am, I stayed and just browsed the hashwall looking for some gems. Walked passed size 11 racks, then passed size 10. I'm a size 9 and there happened to be a ton of samples on the wall. As I'm browsing the sample boxes, a royal blue quilted toebox caught the corner of my eye and I thinking to myself, "oh hell no!" I was as excited as Jim Jones when he thought he had authentic Ray Allen PE 11's.

There was about 10 people in the same area so I tried to stay as composed as possible.

I quickly swiped for the box and became extremely disappointed. Although I silently walked away, this is the type of reaction I really wanted to have when I found out what they really were:

Don't front like you wouldn't have freaked out too. I guess I was the chosen one for the Sneaker Gods to troll today, SMH!

Hopefully you could laugh at my pain...

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