Sprite is Paying Influencers Crazy Money To Put Soda Cans in Sneakers

Ray P

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Sneakers have reached a pinnacle to where all brands want to use it for marketing. So much so that Sprite is paying influencers crazy money to put soda cans in sneakers.

The image above was posted by @DennisTodisco on Twitter as an advertisement sponsored by Sprite, obviously.

It instantly sparked a debate with some sneakerheads on whether the ad was corny. During the conversation, JBF Customs admitted he was approached by Sprite to participate in the social sneaker campaign.

JBF Customs went on to detail exactly how much Sprite offered:

$4,000 for three Instagram posts is great money for such as easy task. Word travels quickly in the sneaker world. And as you can imagine, Sprites mentions are getting lit up right now with inquires, ha!

Whether the ad is corny or not, that's opinion based. What isn't corny though, is sneakerheads cashing out on the moment. Go ahead and get your money y'all. Sneakers won't be this hot forever.

sprite sneaker ad
Image: @JohnGeiger_