Stadium Goods Is Legit and Offering 15% Off Today


I would never post an after market site on this blog that’s not legit.

Stadium Goods is Flight Club’s latest competition if we’re talking about physical consignment shops. Of course you have apps for reselling and tons of other consignment shops around the world.

But let’s keep it 100, it doesn’t get any bigger than Flight Club and Stadium Goods. One thing I see Stadium Goods offer more than its competition is discounts.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s consignment so it’s still pricey, but every discount helps. For example, I went to have my car service yesterday and the guy said he could only take off 10%. I said “RUN IT!”

That 10% saved me $65. I’m not sure you’ll feel the same way about SG’s one day sale, but I figured it was worth posting. And I repeat, all items sold at SG are authentic.

Everything on the website is currently 15% off. View all the inventory by clicking here.

Stadium Goods Is Legit and Offering 15% Off Today