Stance Announced As Official Socks Sponsor Of NBA

Ray P

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The sock game is real.

Stance, a sock company who's known more throughout the sneakerhead community, has just inked a major deal. Over the past four years the sock craze has evolved from something kids used to do to match their sneakers, to now part of the NBA uniform.

ESPN reports the NBA agrees to licensing deal with Stance as league's official sock:

Terms were not disclosed, but Stance, which solely makes socks, will be giving the NBA a guaranteed royalty, as is standard with licensing deals. As part of the multi-year deal, which will begin next season, Stance will make socks for all the league's players in team colors. Those socks, as well as other limited edition socks made by Stance, will be sold at retail.

An even bigger detail about this deal is that Stance is able to keep its logos on the socks because the item is considered an accessory. This is huge for Stance's brand and presence in the world. Having every player from LeBron to Kobe wearing your logo is a powerful thing.

Because the league considers the sock an accessory and not part of the uniform, even though players are required to wear them, the NBA is allowing Stance to have their logo on the socks just like Spalding has its logo on the basketball. Adidas does not have its logo on game uniforms.

"We're just this little sock company that's the first brand to have its logo on every player on the NBA court," said Clarke Miyasaki, executive vice president of business development for the company. "I hope this gives us a big advantage at retail. All we do is socks, and we're committed to making the best for the best players in the world."

For more than 15 years, the official sock of the NBA was a company called FBF, which made white and black socks with the NBA logo on it, and more recently has had success selling socks with current players on them.

Salute to Stance for their deal with the NBA. It'll be interesting to see if the sock regulations remain the same for the NBA uniforms or if they'll allow the designs to get crazy for holidays.