Teen Risks 3 Years in Prison Over Extreme Sneaker Selfie on Pyramid of

Ray P

Would you risk it all for the Gram? This young lad did.


Andrej Ciesielski risks 3 years in prison over extreme sneaker selfie on Pyramid of Giza. He wasn’t dropped on top of the ancient ruins by a helicopter, he scaled it with no equipment.

His shoe of choice was the ASICS Gel Saga.

The only thing on this young man’s person was a Go Pro strapped to his chest. The footage will make you sick even though you know he survived this incredible feat.

After Authorities captured the young man, he was able to avoid prison time as long as he deleted the footage in front of them. Luckily, deleted footage on a camera was easily recovered and now we all can witness the death defying act.

Warning: Once you start watching, you will get sick lol.

Do you think the risk was worth the reward in this young man’s case?