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Air Jordan 17 - @shane_redman

Nike Air Max 270 - @flatlaced

Air Jordan 1 - @badjojo11

Asics Gel Respector - @b_represent

Nike Air Trainer SC - @doreecebennett

Nike Air Huarache - @tommy_triggah

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Them 17’s I need them in my life

Devin Allen
Devin Allen

I think the 270 will end up being Nike's summer hit. Perfect price point. Family sizing. A gang of colorways. And, not too far outside of what has been popular for the last few years, as far as running silhouettes. Comfort wise, they are pretty cool. The huge airbag takes some getting used to. But, they're soft enough in the forefoot. I'm not running out to get a But, they're doing extremely well.



Auburn Trainers all day. However, I have been seeing A LOT of people wearing Air Max 270s. Anyone own a pair? If so, what's the verdict on the comfort? I've been hearing good feedback.