The Daily Photos 6.6.16


airjordan1@ sneakerreen

That cigarette: Taseful Art? Or a random cigarette? Anyways, MJM.

Air Jordan 1 - @sneakerreen

airjordan6@ infinite_am6281014

This release was crazy. The packaging was the best.

Air Jordan 6 - @infinite_am6281014


Remember the 17s that came with these? Oh man..

Air Jordan 6 - @sincebeforeyou


Aquas are the best. Than these.

Air Jordan 8 - @fly.feet.only

airjordan11@ iloveswoosh

Imagine AI rocking these in college.

Air Jordan 11 - @iloveswoosh

airjordan11@ jfilz21s

Pop Quiz: Besides overall look and quality, what's the aesthetic give away that these are OG?

Air Jordan 11 - @jfilz21s