The Game Lost to Kanye in a Battle at Niketown & Now Wants a Rematch

Ray P

kanye west holding the game chains

Back in 2005 just before The Game released his album The Documentary, he attended a party Nelly threw at Niketown that eventually led to a rap battle with Kanye West. According to The Game, Yeezy got the best of him that night and now 10 years later he spits some vicious sneaker bars to bait the future presidential candidate into a rematch.

On "Standing On Ferraris" track 5 of his newly released album - The Documentary 2, The Game had this to say about Kanye West:

Yeezus, that's my Niketown rival
Dare a n***a try me now, like why me now
Lookin' for Red Octobers, I will tie him down
Stay laced, spit nothin' but based, yeah
All my sh*t bump like Craig Mack face

You've gotta respect The Game's challenge because he cleverly spun Niketown and Nike Air Yeezy 2 "Red October" references to not only bait Yeezus but also boast about winning the rematch a decade later. Now that Kanye West isn't with Nike, the battle might have to take place at an adidas store. Clearly that night stayed in The Game's mind forever and he's probably reminded of it every time he laces up a pair of Yeezys.

Gotta love when rappers spit some dope bars about sneakers, you can check out The Game's new album The Documentary 2 right now.