The King of Sneakers Talks Passion For the Shoe Game

Ray P

The latest celebrity to see his fame rise over his sneaker collection is DJ Khaled.

Rick Ross even claims the Miami based producer to be “The Sneaker King,” ha!

Champs Sports recently sat down with DJ Khaled to get to know the guy a little bit more. From discussing his taste for Air Maxes, to when his love for the shoe game started.

CS: It’s crazy to come back 360 here. When did you realize the shoe game was your passion?

KHALED: Shoe game’s been my passion from birth, ever since I came out my momma’s stomach I’ve been wearing sneakers. Sometimes you collect sneakers you don’t even notice it because you have so many, [but] I’ve always kept my sneakers. I cared if I scuffed ‘em up, I would clean ‘em, somebody stepped on ‘em I would go crazy, or sometimes I would want to keep them in the box and never wear them for a while… that’s just a natural thing. And then in time I become a grown man, a young king, I realized, “Damn, I got all these Jordans and all these adidas and all these sneakers” and I would never want to throw ‘em away. I try to keep them as crispy as possible and save some, so just growing up I realized, man I loved sneakers. And of course, the game changed, it got more exciting. When Instagram came out people started stuntin’ more, but I’ve been doin that [since] before that. Now [that] we got social media to promote our sneakers, you’re going to see a lot more… but I’m one of the day one guys.

You can check out the full interview over on Champs’ blog right here.