The Most Liked Sneaker Brands On Instagram 2015 Will Surprise You

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most liked sneaker brands on instagram 2015

Social Media's impact on sneaker culture goes without question. So it's only right to acknowledge the most liked Sneaker Brands on Instagram 2015.

When it comes to any type of list regarding sneaker companies, Nike is usually blowing everyone out of the water. But oh how quickly things change.

Graphic Artist Dan Freebairn of Kick Posters decided to find out who owned Instagram this year.

To everyone's surprise, it was adidas.

The Three Stripes crushed Nike and Jordan Brand combined on Instagram. Much of that can be credited to the launch of Kanye West's sneakers. However, you can't forget the resurgence of the Stan Smith, Pharrell, Pusha T, and the impact of the new Tubular line.

When it comes to achieving Coolness, adidas has the keys to success.

Now if we're talking profit margins and market share (the stuff that really matters), Nike is still killing everyone. However, adidas is taking the right steps to try to close that gap if at all possible.

There isn't an app out right now other than YouTube that is as influential to sneakerheads as Instagram.

You've got to give props where it's due. I guess you can say Yeezy did jump over the Jumpman on the 'Gram.

Source: @KickPosters

Most Liked Sneaker Brands On Instagram 2015