The Numbers Are In and adidas Says Hi Haters

Ray P


Q1 reports are coming from footwear brands and one of the big dogs are proving they're on the right path. adidas has been going hard in the paint for the past year not only building energy in their collaborative efforts, but they've been doing a great job with in-line projects as well.

Reports say adidas is up 8.2% in earnings from last year and they flourished in all markets around the world except for Russia. Sales are up 17% and the Yeezy Boosts have nothing to do with that number. However, Kanye West putting his stamp on the brand could have affected that return.

While the big celebrity signings, commercials, and concerts were great on the social aspect of adidas' business, it's also showing and proving in their bottom line which matters most. We're sure the executives are waving hi to the haters and look to make a lot more people upset in the coming years.

Source: WWD / Four Pins