The OG Director of Space Jam Thinks a Sequel Will be a Terrible

Ray P

space jam scene

The Space Jam saga will continue with a sequel starring LeBron James. Many people were upset, not many were happy, but the movie will still be highly anticipated.

Warner Bros. will not move forward with Joe Pytka, the original Director of the 1996 classic, instead Justin Lin (of Fast & Furious) was tapped to bring the sequel to life.

Everyone has already formed an opinion of the movie, but who's thoughts matter more than Joe Pytka?

Per Hollywood Reporter:

"Don't do it. It's doomed. Michael Jordan was the biggest star on the planet."

His point being that James already has been eclipsed by Steph Curry, and it will be at least two years before the film can be completed. "When we did Space Jam, there was a perfect storm of players and ex-players available — Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing," says Pytka. "They all had a persona that complemented the film. There are none around like that now."

Welp! The man has some good points, but we shouldn't count out LeBron James and company just yet. Some classics are best to be left alone, but hopefully Space Jam 2 will live up to its preceding legacy.

Do you agree with the OG Space Jam Director about the Sequel being bound to be terrrible?