The Sneaker Gods Have Blessed Us With Skechers Yeezys


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They even got Yeezy x Skecher dress shoes. 

From Kanye West down to the leaders of the fake shoe market, the Yeezy line has produced paydays for the entire spectrum of the sneaker industry.

Now, likely with that cash flow in mind, even Skechers is trying to get in on it.

The brand, mostly associated with comfort and older fellas, recently started pumping out a sneaker called the "Modern Joggers," which even my 86-year-old grandmother would be able to identify as a Yeezy rip. The Beluga colorway -- arguably the Yeezy's most famous -- was used for the one above, with a couple of other thrown together ones below.

And yes, to end the anticipation right now, they even have dress shoes.

What a world.

What was the first thing you thought when you saw these?

Source: Hypebeast

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