The World's First Smartshoe Debuted at CES 2016

Ray P

World's First Smartshoe digitsole
Image: Mashable

If Rick Owens was a tech nerd, he'd design sneakers like this. Digitsole created the world's first Smartshoe.

You won't see laces because these sneakers are auto-tightening - much like Nike Air Mags. The soles are a bit thick because they are shock absorbent.

The Smartshoe is starting to sound like a car, right? Ha!

If you want to track your footsteps and how many calories you've burned, it can do that too. Topping it off is the temperature control feature. If you happen to be caught in a snow storm, the Smartshoe can warm up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lastly, at the toe of the shoe you'll have access to a projector light. It doesn't serve a purpose according to the developers, it's purely decorative.

All these features can be controlled through an app on your smartphone.

Digitsole plans to release the Smartshoe 01 in September of this year. Retail price will be set at $450.

If you're in Las Vegas for CES, head over to the Digitsole booth and check them out for yourself.

What are your thoughts on the world's first Smartshoe?