This Dear LeBron by Kyrie (Eminem Stan Parody) Is Pure Gold


Flawless Victory.

First off, I want to say shout out to all the content creators worldwide. This Dear LeBron by Kyrie Irving video is a flip of Eminem’s ultra popular song “Stan.”

Everyone knows by now that Kyrie requested to be traded. It’s been all gossip and speculation since the news broke, but people won’t stop talking about it.

Whenever there’s a serious or popular topic, please believe comedy is right around the corner. However, this topic isn’t super serious, but it’s important to the world of sports.

The creators, AOK, killed this parody. Everything from the visuals to lyrics – A1 steak sauce.

Watch the video below and share your thoughts on this parody as well as where you think Kyrie will end up. Also, do you think LeBron will stay in Cleveland? Let’s talk about it.