Tinker Hatfield Talks Greatness of Air Jordan 5 & Shows Off the 2016 Remastered Retro

Ray P

air jordan 5 metallic 2016 retro remastered tinker hatfield

The next most anticipated remastered Retro of 2016 will be the Nike Air Jordan 5 Metallic. It's my favorite Air Jordan of all time and some may argue it's the greatest signature shoe Michael has ever had.

"I was watching a movie, an old World War II movie, and I got excited about the dogfights, like, wow, that’s a great way to think about a new project,” Hatfield says. "So that gave me an opportunity to keep pushing the technology, trying to make these things a little bit lighter, listen to Michael about what’s not working well enough from the year before, all of that stuff—and then I’m going, ‘Oh by the way, let’s throw in this whole story built around something else,’ in this case fighter planes.”
- Tinker Hatfield via Complex

These days you don't hear much from Michael or the original design team actually speak on the OG shoes or their retro. Most of the focus is discussing newest innovations such as the Air Jordan XXX. However, Tinker Hatfield recently sat down with Complex to discuss the greatness of the Air Jordan 5, the inspiration behind it and the moments surrounding the production of the shoe.

Read what the legendary Designer had to say about the upcoming remastered retro over at Complex right now.

Air Jordan 5 Metallic

Black/Fire Red-Metallic Silver-White
Release Date: July 23, 2016
Price: $220

air jordan 5 metallic remastered 2016