Top 5 Greatest Moments In Sneaker Culture 2015


Top 5 Sneaker Culture Moments of 2015

When you think about it, 2015 was an awesome year for sneakers and music. However, we are here to discuss sneakers.

The year of 2015 brought some highlights to the sneaker culture. It also brought some disappointing moments with the MAG hype being the biggest let down.

There's no need to complain now. Instead, let's focus on the greatest moments.

We recapped the year and ranked the biggest moments in the sneaker culture. Check out the list below. Did we miss anything? Let us know!

Top 5 Sneaker Culture Moments of 2015

Top 5 Sneaker Culture Moments of 2015

5. MJ Crying Meme

G-Roc: God bless the crying MJ face! It never gets old. The meme began in the sneaker community when people would take L's on release days, also known as Sadderday. It later became a mainstream meme for ANYONE who takes an L. If you don't know where MJ was when he was crying, you ain't really bout this life.

Ray: Does this really need an explanation? If it does, my guy Desus Nice said it best.

desus nice mj cry meme
Top 5 Sneaker Culture Moments of 2015

4. Sneakerheads Actually Camped for An Under Armour Shoe

Ray: No typo here folks. Say what you want about Under Armour and the Curry 1, but you can't deny the type of year they had. Still 'til this day I cannot believe camping chairs and sleeping bags wrapped around an Under Armour store for sneakers.

To add to this incredible moment, the MVP Curry 1 resold on eBay for as high as $425.

Haters may be thinking, "Okay big deal!" But keep in mind this is Under Armour we're talking about. Stephen Curry's 2015 will go down in the history books for sure. From MVP to NBA Championship, to highly successful first signature sneaker, and more. Salute!

P.S.: Curry even has celebrities wanting Under Armour deals now. See here.

G-Roc: I can't think of a year where Under Armour has been this relevant on the sneaker side of things. Shout out to that boy Stephen Curry for winning MVP and a Championship in the Curry 1. That alone put UA in a different position when talking about basketball shoes. I don't know the numbers, but I can only imagine basketball sales are up for UA. Curry was so hot this year that sneakerheads actually camped for the MVP Curry 1.

I'm sure that's the first time in UA history where people camped for their sneakers. It's not a diss, just the truth. Can you imagine getting a call from your friend asking if you want to camp for UAs? Neither can I. But UA got the last laugh because now they have everyone's attention, whether you plan on ever buying UA shoes or not - you're now paying attention.

Curry. Cam. Brady. Julio. Yes, UA had so many great moments this year.

Top 5 Sneaker Culture Moments of 2015
Top 5 Sneaker Culture Moments of 2015

3. LeBron James Signs Lifetime Nike Deal

G-Roc: Not only is Laaabrawn Jaaames having a great year, dude's life just keeps getting better and better! I don't have to convince you that this is one of the greatest sneaker culture moments of 2015. Like MJ, Bron has done a lot for Nike, and his lifetime deal is well deserved. Brands can forget about signing him when his contract ends because the contract ain't ending bih. As for Under Armour... WHO?

Ray: LeBron James is living every sneakerhead's dream. I bet even Adolf Dassler would love to have a lifetime Nike deal, lol!

What this means to me is LeBron James is setting up to establish a sub-brand under Nike similar to Jordan Brand. And that's one of the biggest moves any athlete can make. I guess LeBron really is the Chosen One.

Top 5 Sneaker Culture Moments of 2015

2. Kanye Surprises Customers at Yeezy Boost Launch, Fills In As Sales Employee

Ray: Kanye West really proved how influential he is without Nike. Not only does he have people rocking with adidas heavy, but he changed the entire momentum of the brand. No one could have done what Kanye did with adidas in just one year.

The icing on the cake was Yeezus himself showing up to launches and assisting sneakerheads with their shoes in multiple cities. Not just a random guest appearance, he was actually helping kids try on their pairs. Foot Locker employees don't even help you that much these days, haha!

You gotta respect Kanye for this.

G-Roc: This was year of Kanye and adidas. Whether you like, dislike or feel the footwear and clothing are overrated - you can't deny their success in 2015. There's so many great moments, but the coolest moment was when Ye surprised customers at his 750 and 350 release.

Shame on the people who thought it was over for Ye when he left the Swoosh. For the first time that I can recall, adidas took the shine from Nike during All Star weekend AND December. Honestly, they've been shining all year. Yeezy Season is real, and you know it!

Top 5 Sneaker Culture Moments of 2015
jordan logo gold

1. 30th Anniversary of Air Jordan

G-Roc: Wow! Brand Jordan celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year. Where would the sneaker culture and community be without Michael Jordan? Where would Nike be without MJ? This is major! JB could've done more to honor this glorious milestone, but I'd be a fool to say the 30th Anniversary of Michael Jordan's brand isn't a big deal. The brand could've easily well flopped years ago, but its still standing 30 years later. Long live the Jumpman!

Ray: We're used Jordan and Nike winning. But seriously, sit back and think about the 30 years of Air Jordan. If it wasn't for Michael Jordan there would be no TSG. He spawned an entire culture! This is the greatest legacy we'll see in our lifetime.

No matter how many Retros you see sitting on shelves today, Jordan Brand is not dead. They're stronger than ever and probably will be for another 30 years.

Thank you Michael Jordan, Phil Knight, Tinker Hatfield, and the rest of the team.

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Top 5 Sneaker Culture Moments of 2015