Top 5 Most Overrated Sneakers of 2015



This entire week we will publish our Year-End lists, so that means you should be excited. We're kicking the week off by discussing the Top 5 Most Overrated Sneakers of 2015. There's no need for us to have any filler, let's cut out all the BS and get straight to the Top 5!

Our goal is not to hurt anyone's feelings (but it's ok to be in your feelings). We sit back and watch the good, bad, ugly, and overrated kicks drop each year. It's only right that we talk about it, right? Allow us to say what you've been thinking all year.

TSG has always had a community feel, so we encourage you to let us know if you agree or disagree with this list in the comments section. Do you think there was another shoe that was more overrated? Share your feedback below. If you're not the comment on blogs type, let us know via Twitter (@TheShoeGame). Enjoy!

Top 5 Most Overrated Sneakers of 2015

htm kobe x
Image: @GTFan712

5. HTM x NikeLab Kobe X Low

G-Roc: Don't get it twisted, the shoes look good, especially the colorway above. However, there were a bunch of nice Kobe X Elite Low releases, but since this is the HTM edition people started caring about Kobes again. It's amazing what marketing can do to one's bank account. All I'm saying is if you purchased the HTM Kobe X, I hope you also purchased these and designed a pair on NIKEiD. It's okay to admit you copped because of the HTM branding, at least you're keeping it real with yourself.

Ray: So you're telling me all Hiroshi, Tinker, and Mark did was choose some colors and some tassles? Took 3 people to do this? Listen, the sneakers look good. However, I laugh when someone on Twitter tries to sell these for $800 because there's nothing to really differentiate the HTM version from the other Elites. Quietly put this collection on a shelf at a random Foot Locker, they'll sit just like the rest of the Kobes. OVERRATED.

air jordan 11 72-10
Image: @Sneakerpolitics

4. 72-10 Air Jordan 11

Ray: The sneakers don't live up to the story Jordan Brand attached to it. Although this sneaker was originally a sample back in the day, Michael Jordan never wore it for his Championship run. The 72-10 season should've been honored with the OG colorways featuring Championship branding somewhere on the heels. If this shoe was just given a different random nickname, it would fall in line with the Gammas in terms of irrelevance.

G-Roc: It's an Air Jordan 11. It's the Christmas Jordan (well, it was). That alone is going to make people feel all tingly inside. This shoe could have been designed better to pay homage to the Bulls' 72-10 season. Like I said, it's an Air Jordan 11 and the Christmas Jordan, but is it really worth all the noise and retail price? The answer is no. Besides people would rather have another Space Jam release over these. Let the church say amen!

Image: @ShopAwol

3. adidas Yeezy Boost 750

G-Roc: I get it. We were all impatiently waiting for Kanye's adidas shoe to be unveiled. After what felt like forever, Kanye allowed his hypebeast friend, Ibn Jasper, to take horrible cell phone pictures and post them on his Instagram page. Thank God for Ibn giving the world a first look at the YEEZi (another Ibn L). The only thing is the shoe doesn't look that great. The most important thing is they look like Kanye's current style, which should be the goal. If I'm being honest, not even Kanye could make these look good, and that's rare! When you factor in the actual design, price tag, and demand - it just doesn't add up. What happened to the Ralph level craftsmanship? $350 for these equals a nice recipe for overrated soup.

Ray: The price is $350 but the quality doesn't add up. Many people have had issues with broken zippers. So much so that adidas made an official recall. That should never happen on a top tier shoe, especially when Kanye preaches quality so much. This sneaker is overrated not because of the looks, but because the quality is subpar. Shout out to the Boost technology though.

air jordan 10 ovo drake
Image: @Sneakerpolitics

2. OVO Air Jordan 10

Ray: Like his music, people will like anything Drake puts out even if it's bad. The shoe looks dingy when fresh out the box and even worse after a few wears. The Jumpman should've been replaced by the OVO Owl on the heel. The laces should've had gold tips. Attention to small details for such a big collaboration could've made this shoe great. Finally, the Air Jordan 10 is the worst out of the original 14 Jordan models.

G-Roc: This shoe has been overrated since the day Drake posted his OVO Jordan collection on the gram. I'll admit, the OVO 12s are better. In my mind, when Jordan Brand links up with the biggest rapper in the game you have to murk it. It's an easy layup if done right, but an automatic MJ crying face if done wrong. I mean they're Drake Jordans so they are going to sell regardless. And to top things off, it's an Air Jordan 10. The coolest part is the sole, so you're forced to take tip toe pictures just to flex. Did I mention retail was $225? At the end of the day, Drake let Kanye's friend design a better Jordan than him.

supreme jordan 5s
Image: @SupremeNewYork

1. Supreme Air Jordan 5

G-Roc: Supreme let Nas and the sneaker community down with this collaboration. It was great to finally see Supreme and Jordan Brand collaborate, but this project is the definition of lazy. You had one job, Supreme. One job! All you had to do was design a clean Air Jordan 1. That's it! Talk about dropping the ball. This was an extremely underwhelming and disappointing collab - just ask resellers. All that attention for products that weren't worth any attention. You know your collab is overrated when the apparel is more sought after than the shoes.

Ray: White Metallic V's hit outlets and these didn't because people are thirst to wear Supreme branding. This collection is overrated because you can grab some Supreme stickers and a red sharpie to make two of the three shoes. Supreme makes amazing product, these sneakers just didn't show any effort at all.

Congratulations Supreme, you played yourself.