Top 5 Most Overrated Sneakers of 2016: Bape adidas NMD


I know. This should be on the best collaborations list.

I guess. Again, there honestly weren’t that many amazing collaborations this year. There were A LOT! But not too many amazing ones. Bape is always going to do what Bape does. There’s no stopping that as long as Bape is still in the game. So of course people lost it when they first saw BAPE NMDs.

Bape has always been Bape and the NMD is one the hottest adidas models on the market right now. That said, it was an easy recipe for success and excitement. People went crazy for these like Jordan Brand said they were releasing a Fantastic 1 Pack: Fragment 1, Banned 1 (with the X on the heel), Royal 1, Chicago 1, Black Toe 1, and Shadow 1. That’s crazy just typing it. lol

However, that wasn’t the case. In reality, it was just another extremely hard to get Bape collab on one of the coolest models in the game. It’s hard to deny the freshness of Bape’s camo, but that alone doesn’t make the collaboration epic or whatever. Remember that horrible Bape Puma collab from last year? Yeah, it was a major eh. The apparel killed the footwear. No debate. And the shoe with the signature Bape camo was the weakest one.

I said that to say this: yes, it’s possible in the real world that Bape can touch something and it not be amazing. Sorry to inform those in the dark. The Bape NMDs are cool. They look like a Bape collab. Mission accomplished. But this collab was overrated playboi. I ain’t gon say it no mo!