Top 5 Most Overrated Sneakers of 2016: Satin Banned Air Jordan 1


Let’s call it like it is. Not ONE person was checking for a Satin Banned Air Jordan 1.

If so, point them out and that’s probably the same person stressing over which cool kids club to join on Instagram. Spare me on the inspiration because I already snow! People damn near cried when they saw non OG great leather on the 2016 Bred 1s, so don’t tell me you were patiently waiting for Satin Banned 1s because you weren’t.

However, life is all about marketing. Shout to Jordan Brand for dropping a true quickstrike! This “everything leaks early shoe game” needs that type of fresh air more often. The old school feeling of finding out about a new release the day of is ancient nowadays. Pair that feeling with finding out the shoe is limited to only 501 pairs. COPPED! Whether you’re trying to rock or pay bills.

Once again, shouts to Jordan Brand for great marketing on October 18, even though I think the pop up shop should’ve been in Chicago. But to my point, this Air Jordan 1 definitely deserves a cozy spot on this list.