Top 5 Most Overrated Sneakers of 2016: VLONE Nike Air Force 1


Another one. This is another example of people getting excited for a collaboration because of a brand’s current wave.

Remember Been Trill and Pyrex? Where are those Day 1 faithful fans? Oh, they are on to the next brand – wearing Anti Social Social Club and VLONE now. Ahhh, makes sense.

Is the Air Force 1 back? Some will say it never left. But for people who are told what’s cool, the Air Force 1 is making a strong comeback, thanks to VLONE, Off-White, John Geiger, etc. I’m not here to say the collabs on this list are terrible. Nope! But I gotta call a spade a spade.

The thirst I saw for this Air Force 1 was crazy! Honestly, I almost put the ASSC Air Force 1 on this list, but I will admit those were absolutely a joke. It’s like they were making fun of their following by saying: “they will literally buy anything limited.” Jesus Christ! *Vine kid voice*

So in no way am I comparing the VLONE AF1 to the ASSC AF1. But cats can’t tell me they were genuinely checking for these Air Force 1s. Once again, those people wanted to be in the number of folks who can say they own VLONE AF1s. And that’s fine, but it doesn’t mean the collab was amazing.

I saw that ASAP Rocky got mad about being called overrated (which he is). He’s cool and all. Vibes, swag, and a fashion lover, but overrated. He isn’t the savior New York was hoping for. That said, I hope ASAP Bari doesn’t take offense to his Forces making this list.

Long live ASAP. Frfr

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