Top 5 Most Overrated Sneakers of 2017


Top 5 Most Overrated Sneakers of 2017

It’s that time again.

While everyone is busy publishing their “Best of 2017” list, I’m here to address what everyone is thinking but no one is saying: the most overrated drops of 2017.

The word “overrated” does NOT mean trash or wack, but for whatever reason that’s how some people take it. It’s an offensive word, but shouldn’t be. Imagine cooking for your coworkers and someone saying, “The food was good, but after hearing about your culinary skills for so long, I gotta admit your cooking is overrated.”

We all would probably be offended, but it’s an honest opinion.

But hey, I’m not here to school you on the word when you can simply Google the definition. If you own something that made this list you either really like it or bought into the hype. For the record, there’s nothing wrong with either option. Do you, baby blue.

But I still have to talk about 2017’s Top 5 most overrated sneakers.

Read and share your thoughts in the comments whether you agree or disagree.

Top 5 Most Overrated Sneakers of 2017

Balenciaga Triple S

WYD FAM? That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I see someone wearing this shoe. Fashion, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder but we are supposed to get our eyes checked once a year. I just wanted to add some context so I can paint the larrrrge picture for my young queens and kings.

This shoe… this shoe right here, it has to be some type of prank on fashion, right? In my mind, I imagine a Balenciaga meeting with vision boards all around filled with pictures of Instagram fashion killas. One of the designers says, “I bet we can design the ugliest shoe and people will buy it because of our name.” Meeting dude gets the green light and here we are.

That’s how it played out in my mind. One big troll on people who are willing to wear ANYTHING because it’s popular/limited or expensive. I’m aware of the current dad shoe trend, but not even a swaggless dad would think twice about wearing these because he’s not impressed by popular opinion.

This is the ONLY shoe that made the list that I don’t mind calling ugly AND overrated. “That’s just how I feel”, word to GKMC track number 5. Buuuut, if you dropped $700+ on a pair and feel confident when you look in the mirror, that’s the only thing that matters.

Related: There’s no way in hell you think this fit/shoe combo is fresh. YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE!

N.E.R.D x adidas NMD

Man listen. We ALL love Pharrell and most people love N.E.R.D. Sheeee-it, most of us love Three Stripes. But the N.E.R.D x adidas NMD is a prime example of overrated. And no, I’m not salty because I did get a pair. I sold mine and copped a fully restored 1986 Chevy Monte Carlo SS. Joking.

The real excitement around this release was the fact that you could only get a pair at ComplexCon. I get it, we all love rare and exclusive things. But man, this is literally a Triple Black NMD with 3M letters and heel logo. That’s it! This shoe didn’t deserve all the fire emojis and real life tears that followed the release. We can agree on that, right? If you copped because the demand was high and wanted to flip a pair to buy a car, engagement ring, or take a 2 week Caribbean vacay – I totally understand why you freaked out over this drop.

But what if you’re a N.E.R.D fan, G-Roc? Cool. I’m not hating on that. I respect your exuberance, but what we’re not gonna do is push this shoe off like it’s some sick azz design because it’s not.

YEEZY Boost 700 Waverunner


While I will admit this is one of the better looking dad shoes, I had to include this sneaker. Honestly, if I HAD to wear one of the shoes in this list, I’d be a Waverunner rockin’, hand covering my face, IG flexin mothalova. Nah, but on the real, these are okay.

Here’s the obvious reason this shoe made the cut: if it wasn’t a Kanye shoe, not many would care. I’m talking the exact design and colorway minus the Kanye connection, there would be few people checking for this shoe. That speaks to Ye’s influence that we’ve all witnessed for the past 8-10 years. The only person who seems to be in denial is Mr. Powell, but he’s smart so I know he’s just trolling. Stop wasting y’all time and increasing your tweet body count by arguing with dude.

A lot of people were on the fence about this shoe in the beginning, but then word got out that the shoe features Boost. People quickly had a change of heart regarding the freshness of the shoe.

This meme explains it all. And most people agree with the meme. Gotta respect honesty.

Nike VaporMax

I know, I know. Most of you already disagree. If I’m being honest, I understand why most people feel the VaporMax is SOTY. Nike poured out so much money in marketing to convince you this shoe is the real deal. It’s not.

Here’s what we can all agree on: this shoe looks futuristic and different. However, for what this shoe offers is all hype. Absolutely zero new tech. Just flyknit and Air. It’s new tooling and I guess a “new” upper. By the way, all you VaporMax lovers better get ready because you’ll be seeing this tooling A LOT.

But honestly that’s not my issue with this shoe. My thing is, people hyped this shoe up so much like it was something groundbreaking. I tried this shoe on and walked around the Nike store for 15-20 mins talking to a super cool employee. I was so disappointed. I kept walking around waiting for that special awesomeness I kept hearing everyone talk about. It never happened.

The Flyknit upper feels good, but the actual shoe is stiff as hell. I kept thinking to myself, “This is it?” Even the employee said he didn’t understand the hype. I voiced my opinion via my personal Twitter account, and some people agreed, while several others tried to convince me that the shoe had to grow on me. Really? But what about all the instant praise I read about? So let me get this right, other people instantly fell in love, but I have to let it grow on me. Ha! Sounds like some people felt forced to cosign the shoe.

Someone else mentioned the pair I tried on might have been defected. That’s fair and possible, so I tried on another pair and it felt the exact same. I just don’t see the light, and that’s okay.

And as a runner, don’t get me started. Is it a running shoe or not? I’m asking because Nike employees could barely give me a straight answer. But that’s another story.

In closing, this shoe isn’t trash or horrible. It’s just not as amazing as people make (or made) it seem. I don’t doubt that some people really like this shoe, but I know A LOT of people drank the Kool-Aid and was won over by popular opinion. Pro tip: NEVER force yourself to like a shoe, I don’t care what they say. Nah F that, never force yourself to like anything.

For the record, I’m not mad at Nike for dropping this shoe. They needed to soften all the BOOST talk. The VaporMax was just something “new” to hold Swoosh down for 2017. Ask any honest Nike employee, I’m keeping it 100! It’s been a good minute since Nike debuted new cushioning technology, but I heard Swoosh is dropping new cushioning in 2018.

Off White x Air Jordan 1


Shawty! I wouldn’t be keeping it real with myself if I didn’t include the instant holy grail status Off White Air Jordan 1. Am I proud of Virgil? Yes. Is this an extremely cool opportunity for a Chicago kid? Absolutely. Was this the most hyped shoe of the year? Ya gahdamn right. Was this release a big moment in the sneaker world? For sure. No debating any of that.

But push alllllllllllll the hype aside and tell me what do you see. Is this reworked version of the Air Jordan 1 really all that when you take away who designed it or how limited it is? You don’t have to answer that because the answer is obviously no.

The powerful thing about hype is it will make you look at things differently. None of us are excluded. We have all at one point in our lives bought into hype for something. The hype machine was working overtime for this Jordan 1, and Virgil is good at what he does. He knows the power of the hype machine. I can’t remember who said it, but I remember someone saying Virgil won the Finesse Of the Year award. I laughed, but I respect his hustle and creativity. He definitely started something with the quotation marks though.

His celebrity seeding was brilliant and further convinced people this shoe was the one. Ha!

That said, I watched Virgil explain the inspiration and his curiosity when designing this collection, but the overall execution of this design is just aight. But the hype was flowing heavy so it might take people a few years to admit that this Jordan 1 is overrated.

If you’re reading this and you missed out on this release. Don’t feel bad at all. Buy yourself a pair of Chicago 1s and keep it moving. There are much more sneakers on the way.

And if we are keeping it all the way funky, the Jordan 1 isn’t even the hardest shoe in the collection.

That’s all folks!

If you have any questions, comments, eager to roast me for these picks or just want to say “THANK YOU. I thought I was the only one.” I’m around. Holla at me in the comments or shoot me a line@GRocSmithon Twitter. Thanks for reading!