Top 5 Most Slept On Sneakers of 2015


The last couple of years it seems like brands are competing to see who can release the most sneakers in one year. As long as that continues to happen, it will be very hard to fully pay attention to every shoe released.

Top 5 Most Slept On Sneakers of 2015

Even sneaker blogs are having a hard time keeping up with all these releases, so you know it's real!

With the current state of sneaker releases, we are all bound to sleep on several kicks. There's most likely a multitude of reasons why one might sleep on certain drops, but no matter the reason - it's going to happen.

As we proceed to publish our Year End lists, today, after a long debate, we are pleased to present the list dedicated to the most slept on kicks this year.

We love hearing your feedback, so please voice your opinion below.

Top 5 Most Slept On Sneakers of 2015


5. Vashtie x Puma R698 Reflective

G-Roc: It doesn't even matter that this is a Vashtie collaboration, these joints are fire! There's no shortage in 3M reflective sneakers, but none that look like this shoe. Look at the pic. Now look at me. Now look back at the pic. Yeah, you slept on these breh! Don't feel bad, it happens to all of us.

Ray: You guys sleeping on this sneaker is totally not your fault. Unless it's a Rihanna collab, Puma hasn't found the right formula for making people pay attention to their hot sneakers. Hell, Vashtie didn't even bring that much attention to how hot these were.

That 3M is just ridiculous!

This collab went on sale several times throughout the year. The Puma R698 model is a slept on silhouette in itself. Admit it, you was schleep.

Air-Jordan-1-blkwht-1 copy

4. Air Jordan 1 "Cyber Monday"

Ray: People slept simply because these held zero resale value and holiday Air Jordans overshadowed them. If prices weren't remastered, I'm sure they would have flown off shelves. I can't blame you guys for sleeping. I slept for the same reasons, too.

G-Roc: Remember how I was saying I don't get excited about sneakers often, and that waking up to cop on the day of the release is very rare for me? I woke up the morning of the release to cop Disney Vans and Cyber Monday 1s. It feels weird just typing that.

Since Jordan 1s are the new wave, I expected Cyber 1s to disappear, but people didn't seem to be that interested. They are still available at pretty much every store that received them.

I like them so much that I bought my boonapalist a pair, and she doesn't even wear sneakers like that. It was a great feeling that Sunday night being anxious to wake up Cyber Monday morning to go cop. Y'all out here sleep man. Zzzzz

Nike-Air-Presto-QS-White-P copy

3. Nike Air Presto

G-Roc: The quickstrike colorways sold out (I think), but I expected to see way more people wearing Prestos this year. I honestly thought more people would gravitate towards the Air Presto over the Air Huarache simply because they are lighter and more comfortable.

But what the heck do I know? I'm just an A-Town dude with a Nas flow. I know I say that a lot, but I enjoy saying it.

Anyhow, it's only a matter of time before the outlets are flooded with Prestos. Allow me to plug this: I'm still looking for a pair of the Genealogy Prestos. I wear a size 8.5-9. Holla at me! Yes, I know that was 2014 colorway, but I still want a pair. Back to my point, people are Gucci Mane schleep!

Ray: Because this shoe was only presented with the jogger look, a lot people wrote it off immediately. I think that happens with plenty of sneakers today. The Nike Air Presto lives up to the hype.

This year I bought my first pair and its the second most comfortable shoe in my collection behind the adidas Ultra Boost. Price point being $120 is extremely fair too. It's a great shoe, trust me.

adidas-d-lillard-1-rose-ci copy

2. adidas D Lillard 1

Ray: adidas has released soooooooo many bad basketball sneakers, that Dame Lillard had to go on a presidential press run just so people gave it a shot. Just like Vashtie's shoe, it's not your fault that you slept.

The all-red "Rose City" colorway is the best, IMO. It's actually on sale right now for $89.99.

G-Roc: adidas hasn't put out a good signature shoe that's resonated with people in a good minute. But on the low, Damian Lillard's first signature shoe is a sleeper. I've seen some people who always #StayWoke rockin' the D Lillard 1, but overall this shoe was highly slept on. It looks good on feet and adidas dropped some good colorways.

I know most people only want Yeezy Boost when it comes to adidas, but this shoe definitely deserved more attention. I understand it's hard to pay attention when you're sleepy.

nike air force 1 hi varsity purple retro

1. Nike Air Force 1 High OG

G-Roc: Perhaps you didn't agree with the sneakers that made this list, but there's no denying the number 1 spot. If you don't remember Nike's false promise about the 1World voting then you get a pass from me.

In short, Nike was supposed to release this OG AF1 colorway years ago, but that never happened... until 2015! I'm actually amazed how they are still available, but that's none of my business. I'm sleep tho!

Ray: This is the most demanded AF1 retro ever and ya'll sleeping? I'm not trying to wake y'all up because I'm waiting for an outlet come up. Peace.

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