True Sneaker Love: You’ve Never Seen a Sneakerhead Go This Hard For A Shoe

Ray P

From the outside looking in, the passion and love sneakerheads share for shoes may come off as pretty weird.

But to us, this type of behavior is completely normal. It’s more about the connection the shoes make with our lives than anything. That could come from the story, inspiration, colorway, or a memorable moment in our lives that is forever attached to the sneaker.

These days it’s rare to witness real sneaker love because everyone is using sneakers and Instagram for popularity points.

While browsing Instagram’s explore page, I ran into @LushfulThinking and wondered why the hell he’s wearing the same shoe throughout most of his feed. I had to scroll down 21 weeks to find out why and when I did, the story really connected with me as I’m sure it would with you all too. Here’s what was said:

Tomorrow is my birthday. Tomorrow I will be starting something completely different. A challenge to myself. Other than being at work, since I am required to wear a black based shoe, I will be wearing these sneakers every day for 365 days until my next birthday. I chose this shoe because its not only an amazing shoe, its a ‘rose’ colorway and roses are beautiful but they wilt and die. Over time, this sneaker will show some wear and tear like a wilted rose and to me, that shows character when it comes to sneakers. Huge thanks to @newbalance for collaborating with @cncpts and creating this beautiful pair, one of my grails. And a huge thanks to@nightlifekickz for having them in my size and letting them go for me to finally have in my possession. I will document my “journey” wearing them wherever it may be with at least one picture a day. As if thats not tough enough a challenge to myself, I wont be buying any new shoes for the whole year (with the exception of trying to get my hands on my favorite shoe of all time, jordan bordeaux 7s) yea i know, if you know me I know what youre thinking. “Total ??” haha i WILL do it, its something Ive planned for a while now and Im finally going to start it tomorrow. Whether you support my decision or not or think I can or cannot do it, thats all part of the challenge. Im always up for a challenge. Thanks for reading this if you got to the end, and I hope you guys stick around for the journey. tag your friends and repost this, it is a challenge for me but id still like to hear your thoughts and opinions, the journey starts tomorrow. #TheWiltedRoseProject?

If you’re still with me… I think his concept (no pun intended) is dope. It’s easy to get caught up with new releases every weekend to where we become addicted to the thrill of the cop more than what we cop. We all have that one pair of shoes we could wear every single day, but @LushfulThinking is doing it. Salute!

From what he does in the shoes to how he spices things up with new laces, lace locks, or accessories that compliment the shoe, it’s cool to see and his journey was worth sharing.

Do you have a shoe you would wear every single day for an entire year? If so, what would it be? And would you ever take on that challenge? Let us know in the comments below.