TSG First Look: Reebok Ventilator Theory


Reebok Ventilator Theory

We have seen a big resurgence from Reebok in the shoe game this year. They have been reaching into their vaults and retroing some of their classic models to the market. Models like the Reebok Reverse Jam, Omni Light Pump, Pump Court Victory 2, Freestyle, Sir Jam Mid, and Insta Pump Fury to name a few. Today we present you with an exclusiveTSGfirst look at the sampleReebok Ventilator Theory model.

Here is a look into the new Reebok Ventilator Theory. This model is a light runner/trainer shoe with a very durable and light upper material. It comes with a plastic toe mudguard cap, a heel brace for a snugger fit and better protection around the ankle. The colors used are Dark Grey, Seagull, Comet, and Graphite. It also has a silhouette that is very reminiscent of the original Ventilator.

At the moment we don't have the exact specifications of the materials but once we get more info on the release, we will have another post with the exact description on the make-up. For now, enjoy the photos.

This model is scheduled to release in 2010.

Reebok Ventilator Theory

Thanks to Mike at Michael K Clothing Store in the Village NYC and Reebok for the exclusive look. Stay tuned to TSG for more "TSG First Look" Reebok News coming soon.