Vans Deconstructed Inside Out Pack


Vans will release a deconstructed pack that will definitely sell out.

Vans Deconstructed Inside Out Pack

Customizing and deconstructing sneakers has always been a thing in the sneaker community. However, since Virgil Abloh's Nike "The Ten" collection we have seen much more people testing out DIY sneaker projects.

To be clear, I'm not saying Virgil created deconstructing sneakers, but he inspired a lot of people to put their on spin on sneakers. We've seen a lot of Off White Nike inspired customs since the release of The Ten.

There has also been a lot of Vans Off White inspired customs, and now it seems Vans is giving the people what they want. Of course some people are not a fan of this pack, but in my opinion, Vans created a pack similar to customs we've seen online for the past month.

You can call this unoriginal or lazy and you can also call this smart business. According to Hypebeast, the Vans Deconstructed Inside Out pack will release Fall/Winter 2018 at select retailers.

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Vans Deconstructed Inside Out Pack