Victor Cruz on If He Can Compete with Kanye West in Sneakers

Ray P

victor cruz

On November 20th, TSG confirmed the Nike Air Trainer V. Cruz will finally debut in a Haystack colorway. This marks the New York Giants Wide Receiver's first major step into the shoe game. Victor Cruz's signature sneaker made a huge initial impact after someone leaked a "Red October" colorway that eventually got scrapped by Nike.

Due to the extreme similarities in design, it's only natural that the Nike Air Trainer V. Cruz would draw comparisons to the Nike Air Yeezy 2. A blind man can see it. Recently, Footwear News caught up with Victor Cruz to discuss his new Nike signature and questioned him with the inevitable...

So now are you giving Kanye a run for his money?

“We’ll see. [Laughs] I just want people to love my shoe. If it happens to be in competition, then so be it. We’ll just have to see.”

Victor Cruz should've just asked that the questioned be redacted from the interview. Nike might just produce more pairs of Cruz's shoe than Kanye's, but as far as competition, there won't be one. Especially when one shoe looks like a rip off of the other. Deion Sanders in his prime couldn't compete with Kanye West's influence and if you try, you'll end up losing every time. I wish Victor Cruz the best of luck with his signature sneaker, he just has to try to avoid and Kanye West questions as much as possible.

Read the full interview between Victor Cruz and Footwear News here.

nike air yeezy 2 versus nike air vic cruz