Video View: Optimus Prime Puma RS-X Transformers


A detailed look at the Optimus Prime Puma RS-X.

Are we going to front like Puma hasn't been lowkey dropping fire for years?

I don't know about y'all, but I pay close attention and understand that hype distracts most people from other releases. If you're like me, you have probably noticed some of the fire Puma has dropped over the years.

The Puma RS-X is a model that's not so lowkey. People are well aware of Puma's new model, and the feedback is positive. I for one can say that I've seen a lot of people wearing this model in Europe. So far, this colorway has received the most attention... for obvious reasons.

In the latest offering from the RS-X line, Puma collaborated with Transformers. This is the Optimus Prime colorway, and I got a chance to check them out in person this past weekend.

There's also a Bumblebee colorway. Both are available at

Watch the video above for a detailed look. Do you like the Puma RS-X?

Video View: Optimus Prime Puma RS-X Transformers